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Planning for the 25th Annual Riverfront Festival is underway!

2014 Fishy Fashion Panarama

On April 24 and 25, 2015, The Carrabelle community will celebrate the 5th Annual return of the "Pirates of the Carrabellean" at the 25th Annual Carrabelle Riverfront Festival.  This year we are delighted to announce the  "2nd Annual Carrabelle Antique Car Show" which began as part of last years festival but is taking on a life of its own as a unique event happening adjacent to the newly defined festival grounds. 

Vendors and attraction representatives will find a this year's application on this web site in the "Vendor Information" area of the site.  In the meantime, all inquiries should be addressed to or 850-320-8225


2nd Annual Antique Car Show 


Image by: Tim Thomas @ Thomas expressions

We are delighted to announce the return of last year's antique car show.  Last year's event was well received and featured some really fantastic cars from the area.  We are expanding the show and will be presenting it at the main front entry of the festival.  CAR SHOW SATURDAY, APRIL 25th 10 AM to 6PM _ ONLY

For more information about festival or to register as car exhibitor at:

Register at:

Cash Prizes Awarded:

  • Best In Show
  • Honorable Mention (Multiple Categories)
  • People's Choice (Voted by visitors on the day of show)

For more information email or or contact Steven Allen or Bobby Turner.


2nd Annual Antique Car Show 

Be sure and show up by 10am to register your pet ( $5 registration fee) for this year's pet show extravaganza.  Pet show starts at 11 am on the main stage. 

Contact Franklin County Humane Society for more details at 850-670-8417.

The Treasure of Gullet's Cover - an idea that became reality.

Pirates of the Carrabellean-The Treasure of Gullet's Cove

The 2014 theme of “Pirates of the Carrabellean -The Treasure of Gullet's Cove" brought a new unique venue to the festival.  It focused on the culinary delights of the area and was sponsored by Sea Crest Realty and Sandy Beach Properties.  The new "Home-style" food court aptly named "Gullet's Cove"  features fresh seafood, caught and prepared by locals.  Again in 2015, Carrabelle's hometown hospitality and deep fried talent will be at full display at this year's festival.  Come grab a bite o' treasure from the sea and support our local organizations. 

Artist Rendering "Gullet's Cove"

Participating at last year's gullet cove included the Christian Bow Hunters, The Carrabelle Church of God, The Franklin County Senior Services, CUMC - God's Ministry to the Needy, the Carrabelle Food Pantry and others.  Stay tuned this year to see which groups will be preparing our main festival entrees including mullet, shrimp, oysters, hamburgers and hotdogs as well as other delicious delights to support their local community. Other festival treats like funnel cakes and blooming onions will be available by "local" festival food vendors as well.

The festival is very proud of this unique approach.  Who knows better how to fry up some seafood than Carrabelleans?  Home town hospitality is the hallmark of our festival.  This unique venue offers the community an opportunity to display its rich seafood heritage and will ensure that the financial benefits stay in the area.  A win for all.  Please join us, and support our community.  We are sure that you can find a "treasure" for your gullet's cove.


Super Special Musical Entertainment

Avast Ye Mateys, young and wretched, it's  shaping up to be a good time on the Carrabelle River as Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers plan to wash ashore and take captive the main stage for Friday night's special event.  Be sure and arrive early for the big entrance, a Carrabelle extravaganza. Like corpsed debris from the depths of Davey Jones' locker Tom and his crew of scalliwags and vermin will take the City and kick off the 25th Annual Carrabelle Riverfront Festival's Pirates of the Carrabellean..  

Stay Tuned for the latest on the entertainment for this year's festival and be sure and follow, like and share at:

The Heritage Tent at the 2015 Riverfront Festival

The Carrabelle CARES and the Carrabelle Historical Society presents an array of maritme and landlubber history, music and entertainment again this year.  Maritime history of the Carrabelle area will be anchored by fabulous vintage wooden boats from the Apalachicola Maritime Museum and wooden boat building by the Big Bend Maritime Center.  Saw Mills of Franklin County presented by the Apalachicola Area Historical Society and the Turpentine Industry by Wakulla Springs Park.   Don't miss it!

The Heritage Tent and the Performance Stage are located on Marine Street and Avenue B  in front of the Carrabelle History Museum.


Riverfront Festival Caters to Our Elders

Golf Cart Shuttle Service

This year there will be a free golf cart shuttle service throughout the Festival that will be devoted to helping folks who find it hard to walk a long way move through the festival easily.  It will make continuous rounds from the Carrabelle CARES’ host tent at the intersection of US 98 and Marine Street down through the whole Festival to the Wharf Pavilion at the other end of Marine Street.  Franklin County Emergengy Management, Weems Hospital and the First Responders will offer shady rest areas and a "boo-boo" station along the way where the shuttle will stop.  A new venue at the corner of Marine Street and Avenue C, the “Carr's Hill Performance Stage” will be a great place to rest, be entertained by the musical, historical adventures of Sammy Tedder or Frank Lindamood, and still be in the middle of everything.

Special Close Parking for Disabled People

Two special parking areas for individuals with disability tags will be provided this year on Avenue B between the Hometown Marathon and the Georgian Motel and on the east end of Avenue C between Third Street and Marine Street close to the new Sands Field Park.  You can call 697-2141 on the days of the festival for more information.